About us

Flexocol em 1973FLEXOCOL Fábrica de Artefactos de Borracha, Lda., exists since 1971, but it was in 1961 that the company which it has resulted from, Joaquin Torres, started its activity.

In 1973 Flexocol was taken over by MONTEIRO, RIBAS Indústrias S.A.

Flexocol is a industrial unit specialized in the development and manufacture of technical parts in rubber and rubber bonded to metal (produced by compression), extrusion rubber of and silicone profiles, and wheels and rollers coating.

Over five decades of activity Flexocol have known sustainable growth, acquiring skills that allow today to be a recognized supplier in several business sectors, notably in the railway industry, automobile, textiles, footwear, paper, wood, cork , food, metalworking, chemical, electrical, construction and mining.